Our Guarantee to grow

My kit isn't growing, what do I do?

It's common to feel uncertain when you don't see growth right away! Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Environmental conditions change grow times - If your environment is very cold or dry, you may have slower grow times than what is more common.

Patience - Some kits can take up to 3-4 weeks to show growth in less optimal conditions.

Make sure your kit has the 3 pillars of success - Moisture, Fresh air, and Ambient light. In order of importance, these kits need all three to thrive. Make sure you are consistent with your misting, that your kit can breathe, and that it can see some form of light.

Send us a picture! If you're really uncertain about things and want to be sure, send us an e-mail to themushroommeadows@gmail.com and include a picture. From there we can help guide you through any trouble shooting.

How do I know when it's time for a new kit

How do you know when it's time to reach out? Here are some good indicators:

1. It's been over 3 weeks with no signs of growth

2. You notice the growth of any kind of mold (blue, orange, and black are bad signs)

Where the guarantee stops

There are a few exceptions to this guarantee.

1. If you open your kit after the "open by" date. Don't worry! While open by date does represent a shelf life where the kit is guaranteed, you will likely still be able to grow your mushrooms. Simply open the top of your kit and remove the bag inside, from there you will unroll the bag so the filter patch is fully exposed to the air. From here, you can let your kit sit in the sealed bag with the filter patch exposed to air for 3-7 days, this will allow the mycelium to regrow. After mycelium has regrown, you can re-insert the bag into the box and follow the normal grow kit steps.

2. If the care instructions were not adhered to. For example: if your kit was left inside of a closed cabinet (where no light or fresh air could reach it).

How to claim a new kit

If you've read all of the above sections and are sure it's time for a new kit, here's what to do:

1. Take a picture of your kit, and a picture of the best before date

2. Attach those pictures to an email and send it to themushroommeadows.ca

3. In the title line, write: Kit Replacement Request

4. Include your name, when and where you bought the kit (if possible), what your care routine looked like, and confirmation you've looked at the instructions and FAQ page.

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