1. Check the Best before date on the bottom of the box. If it is past the best before date follow instructions here for best results. Otherwise continue below.
  2. Remove the misting bottle from the top of your Mushroom Meadows Grow Kit. Fill with non-chlorinated water.
  3. Locate the cardboard cutout in the center of the box and remove it carefully.
  4. Make a small 2"x2" X cut in the plastic of the grow block with a clean, sharp knife. Be sure to make the cut in the center of the block.
  5. Mist the grow block with the included misting bottle from 8-12 inches away. 2-3 times per day is ideal to keep the surface moist. It is important to keep the grow block moist throughout the growing process.
  6. When mushrooms begin to "pin" or form small bumps on the surface of the grow block, this is the beginning of the growth phase! As the mushrooms get bigger they may require more thorough mistings to prevent them from drying out, continue misting regularly. 
  7. As the mushrooms grow larger, they will start to form caps. Harvest the mushrooms when the caps are fully extended but not yet flipping upwards. This is the perfect time to harvest for the best taste and texture. Note: With Lion’s Mane harvest time will come when teeth are developed, the perfect time to pull is right when the top of the mushroom begins to yellow, or just before. 
  8. To harvest, simply grip the cluster near the base and pull upwards gently to detach it from the grow block.
  9. After harvesting, remove any remaining mushroom pieces. Then resume misting the grow block to encourage the growth of more mushrooms. Your mushroom grow block will produce 1-2 significant bounties of mushrooms, after that, it may continue to produce but with less abundance and consistency. 
  10. Enjoy the delicious taste of your freshly-grown mushrooms!

Instructional Video

Instructional Video (Part 2)

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